Stiletto Stoners believes that life is more than a power suit and a paycheck. We get lost in our work and forget about that amazing new artist, the best local band and what the hottest thing in streetwear is. We’re here to help you keep plugged into amazing music through our playlist and rocking one of a kind creations that will love every curve on your body.

We love our curves and want you to love yours too so please rock that THICK THIGHS SAVE LIVES tote proudly and stick those stickers all over your hood. Be on the lookout for even more amazing goodies we have in store when it comes to art, music and streetwear. After all, we’re not all the same size or shaped like a piece of plywood.

So keep that bread money job, kick those heels off when you get home, light a little J up to indulge and peruse the site.

contact us at: info[@]stilettostoners[.]net